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Why companies struggle to cultivate digital strategies

Companies that find themselves digital laggards are suffering from strategic decisions they made nearly 20 years ago. Here's how to battle back

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Companies cultivating digital strategies are struggling to facilitate transformations because most CIOs are simply not equipped to be digital leaders. While enterprise CIOs can create functional technology systems, many lack the visionary skills required to be a change agent in the digital age, according to Shawn Banerji, managing partner of the technology, digital and data leaders practice at Caldwell Partners.

shawn banerjiCaldwell Partners
Shawn Banerji, Caldwell Partners

“CIOs who possess that [enterprise operations] orientation and skillset in many cases simply do not have the vision and technical aptitude as it pertains to a digital toolkit.  For many organizations, digital was not the critical mandate that it is today and the CIO’s role reflected a build and operate the functional utility mindset,” says Banerji, who leads Caldwell Partners Technology & Digital Leaders Practice.

How we got here

To fully grasp why companies are suffering such a digital dearth now, Banerji says you must look to some seminal trends.

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