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Why Corporate-Startup Partnerships Are The Route To Resilience

Source | | Cristina Tamayo

The world is throwing all sorts of adversity our way, and business hubs—no matter how developed—are not immune to the turbulence. Natural disasters restrict supply chains, political unrest forces companies to close stores, and cybersecurity failure comes with high-cost infrastructural improvements.

These are just a handful of possible crisis scenarios, and they reinforce the need for businesses to make contingency plans now to maintain stability during inevitable future shockwaves.

How? One of the strongest solutions is also the simplest: with a partnership. More specifically, a startup-corporate partnership.

A crisis demands that companies of all sizes dissect new issues, magnify the value they offer, and bridge what’s missing. But stop-gap approaches like one-off discounts and media-jacking campaigns only get companies through the current storm, not protect them from the gray clouds on the horizon.

It’s no coincidence that pharma giant Pfizer and German startup BioNTech teamed up to create the now globally distributed COVID-19 vaccine. The partnership has the unique blend of corporate R&D efforts to manufacture a vaccine and startup agility to deploy it in a short space of time.

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