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Why Customer Experience is the Secret to Revenue Growth and Business Success

The customer experience (CX) is one of the organizational pillars for growth, and it would behoove business leaders to make it a top consideration as they begin planning for 2023

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During the last century, a multitude of businesses have subscribed to the motto, “the customer is always right,” giving more power to consumers and laying the groundwork for an increased focus on providing excellent  that eventually led to the  (CX) in the early 2000s. Over the years, CX was elevated to become one of the pillars for growth organizations and an official  trend in 2008, when more and more  rallied around it.

As the customer experience continued to make healthy inroads in the business world, its trajectory skyrocketed during the pandemic when countless consumers flocked to online transactions, enabling companies to continue operations and raising the bar for CX to maintain a human element. Although the customer experience has made remarkable strides in the last 20 years, it has only scratched the surface as entrepreneurs and  keep pace with  and harness its power to take CX to higher levels.

According to a SuperOffice survey of business professionals, nearly 46% of respondents rated the customer experience as the top priority for their business over the next five years, overtaking product and pricing, indicating that CX is a key  differentiator.

With customer experience a critical factor in  growth, leaders must prioritize it, especially as they begin planning for 2023. Below are four areas to consider.

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