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Why Customers Aren’t Opening Your Emails

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Whether you work in the nonprofit sector, real estate, e-commerce, public relations or any other field, you probably send out newsletters or offers to a large email list. And with good reason. According to a recently released survey by Adobe, the average worker spends more than five hours a day checking their email; no wonder email marketing campaigns are key to so many operating models.

However, if you’ve noticed that your open rate is low and your unsubscribe rate is high, there may be four good reasons why.

1. You’re sending too many emails.

The Adobe survey found most people check their email and social media account before they leave for work. In fact, more than 80 percent of people have checked their email by the time they arrive at the office. That gives you plenty of time to get customers to open emails and increase your click rates. However, 38 percent of respondents said companies solicited them too frequently via their professional email addresses, and that number increased to 43 percent for their personal emails. 

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