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Why do software engineers choose to work at startups?

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In today’s job market, it’s good to be an engineer. Very good, in fact. LinkedIn data shows that software engineering job starts have essentially doubled in the last two years, moving from under 10 percent of the U.S. job market to roughly 20 percent.

While tech giants like Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google may seem like obvious destinations for these highly coveted workers, don’t count out startups.

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Among the LinkedIn Top Startups in the U.S. — an annual ranking of the hottest young companies to work for — engineering was a top-three job function at 38 of the 50 organizations that made the list. It makes sense: Today, companies of all sizes and tech orientations need software, and they need employees who know how to build those programs. 

But if you’re an engineer in the open job market, why would you choose a startup when you could join an established company?

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