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Why do you need employee onboarding software? 

By | Anna Melnikova

Every organization needs employee onboarding software to make its process more efficient and effective. It is a tool that allows the new hire to get inside your organization before their first day. The employee onboarding process is filled with meetings, forms, and information which can get overwhelming for not only new hires but also HR representatives as well. 

Employee onboarding software is very helpful in streamlining the documents, processes, and forms and ensuring the new hire stays positive. There are organizations that are still struggling with the organization onboarding process. Good onboarding software will be able to create a valuable experience for both employer and new hire.

Employee onboarding software is easily available regardless of the size of the company. The following are the many reasons why an organization should think of using employee onboarding software:

Go Paperless

Going paperless ensures that more time is being spent on doing what matters rather than on clerical work. According to McKinsey’s survey, 59% of the businesses that went paperless achieved a full return on investment in less than 12 months and 84% achieved payback in quite less than 18 months. 

Employee onboarding software assists in making the process go completely digital and saves a lot of time, money, effort, and space. The onboarding process involves many documents, forms, verifications, training booklets, employee handbooks, and so on. 

If an organization switches to software, then all the processes will be done more effectively.

Manage Your Tasks

Planning and managing tasks with the help of software can make business work more effectively. The right software can lead organizations towards unique ways to work. Onboarding an employee comes with numerous steps and practices which makes it tricky to keep track of all tasks.

The employee onboarding software particularly helps in keeping a good chase of all deadlines and ensuring the process is performed smoothly. 

Forbes Magazine discussed the importance of digital agility back in 2014 and rightfully said that agile will become a mandatory requirement to stay in business. Using technology to manage tasks can also maintain accuracy and reliability.

Create a Lasting impression

According to Forbes, a solid impression is made within the first seven seconds of a meeting.  Employee onboarding software helps in making the first day of an employee memorable by creating a good first impression.

The new employee onboarding software will automate many tasks such as managing the onboarding checklist, assigning mentors, papers work, feedback, etc. 

With the help of new features, organizations can now use creative ways to welcome their new hires. It will give them a heads up for what their day is going to be like in the company. 

Employee onboarding softwares that many organizations are using 

Here are some of the best and most popular employee onboarding software choices that many organizations around the world are currently using. 

BambooHR is one of the most well-known software in the market which provides HR solutions. It has a powerful onboarding capability which has features such as e-sign, application tracking, custom workflows, open API, and a seven-day free trial. It is now available in two tiers i.e., Essentials and Advantage, The Advantage is the one that offers full onboarding functionality.

Onboarding software is great for getting your employees connected to the workspace as soon as possible. They offer an amazing virtual reality (VR) onboarding process that lets the new employees get an amazing experience that is both educational and interesting.

Help juice is a cloud and knowledge-based software which helps in centralizing the onboarding documents in an organized place. It allows the new hire to self-serve and has a Google-like search to find information that you are looking for. It also has impressive analytical capabilities which benefit in filtering data and improving the onboarding process.

Talmundo aims to revolutionize the onboarding process. Its customizing and programming are very straightforward and can be done in no time. It provides interactive to-do lists and fun quizzes related to new hire onboarding. It further offers feedback in analytics which helps you in making the necessary updates that your process requires.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, there is no doubt that switching from manual onboarding to employee onboarding software is the only way through which organizations can create an automated, easy, and helpful onboarding experience for new hires. 

They will also help in making the new hires go through a stress-free and smooth sailing transition which will make them more productive and gain their place in the organization more efficiently and promptly.

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