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Why does minimalist web design makes more sense for startups?

By | Evie harrisonis | Blogger

Are you thinking about launching a business? While you might be tempted to focus primarily on your product, it turns out there is another thing you should worry about – your online visibility.

After all, unless people know about your startup, they won’t consider your services when a need arises. And among all the mediums for marketing, the digital channel is the most cost-effective for small businesses.

Yet, according to Fundera, over 35 percent of startups currently don’t have a website! And those who don’t pay enough attention to web design. This is an alarming statistic, considering the fact that over 75 percent of consumers have said that they judge a business based on the quality of its website.

Gone are the days when businesses could get away with having a poor website. Now, people don’t just expect you to be present online, but they want the perfect website browsing experience. In a world where two out of every three people prefer browsing through a well-designed website, startups must meet users’ expectations.

While you might be tempted to include every piece of information and pictures, it turns out that minimalist web designs are much better for startups. Here is why.

  1. Highlighting Content

You might have heard the famous quote, “Content is King”. This also holds true for startup websites as well.

For well-established brands, websites sometimes act as a medium of Ecommerce transactions. Hence, for them, conversions are important.

However, in the case of startups, you must first ensure that people know about your business and services. And there is no better technique to do so than by your content. This can include text, videos, and infographics.

Minimalist web designs help in making the content the hero. By minimizing the textures and colors you use on the website, you can make it look much cleaner. Additionally, the use of white space can further boost the readability of images and text. In other words, the website is able to “breathe”.

Square manages to excel in this regard. Its high-quality web design makes use of photography, typography, and minimal color scheme to create a pixel-perfect and clean design.

Take inspiration from the business and learn the art of leveraging negative space without making the website look incomplete. Go for acustom web design that looks elegant yet breathable.

  1. Mobile-Responsiveness Ensured

According to WebFX, over 74 percent of users report that they are likely to return to websites that are mobile-responsive. This is understandable since over 70 percent of the internet time of an average user is spent on smartphones.

So, regardless of whether you are a small or large business, your website needs to be responsive to cater to all users. For startups, this means another hassle. If they go with a complicated desktop version, they must develop another mobile-friendly version for smartphone users.

Developing a minimalistic web design helps in avoiding this additional work. This is because such web designs are usually mobile responsive as minimalistic web designs are quite straightforward and include layouts that don’t cause any issues when viewed from a tablet or phone.

Here is how An Event Apart takes advantage of the flexibility of simplistic web designs. See how well the desktop version translates to the mobile version. Notice how merely a few alterations have been made to the layout for the mobile version.

  1. Less Maintenance

There are a lot of things that startups must worry about. This includes limited budgets and cash flow issues. In fact, one of the biggest reason for startups going under within a few years is because of financial issues.

At such times, businesses might find it extremely hard to regularly spend on the maintenance of their websites.

Compared to complex layouts, minimalistic web designs require much less maintenance. Since the site is likely to include a handful of solid content elements, the need to regularly update your site will not arise. You won’t have to worry about refreshing dynamic content, like company blogs or videos. Nor will your website crash often.

Therefore, until your business stabilizes, minimal designs can ensure that there one less thing for you to worry about. Not to mention, it allows you to save money – something that you direly need to do during the first few years.

  1. SEO-Friendliness

Your target audience isn’t the only thing you need to worry about. To reach them, you must first overcome the hurdles posed by search engines.

According to Ahrefs, only 0.78 percent of people bother going to the search results of the second page! This means that unless you rank within the first page, and that too on top, people won’t visit your website.

Now, SEO is a whole another world that deserves another article to truly delve into its importance and tactics. However, in relation to our topic, it is important to point out the positive correlation between minimalistic designs and search engine ranking.

Why do such web designs help in improving SERP?

Firstly, it is because search engine bots are able to easily crawl through the web page and hence rank it. Secondly, websites with minimal elements tend to load faster. And search engines rank such websites highly because they provide a smooth user experience.

Verdict: Create a Minimalistic Web Design

To be honest, developing a minimalistic web design is beneficial for all businesses, regardless of their size! But, for startups, the benefits are certainly staggering.

We have just covered the tip of the iceberg. There are various other benefits that come along with developing a simple website. However, we are certain that the main points are enough to sway a wise businessman!

All the evidence and arguments point clearly towards our conclusion – it is about time you build a minimalist web design.

Do so, and experience the benefits for yourself! Do let us all know the lessons you learn along the way and help your fellow startups out.

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Evie harrisonis a blogger by choice.  She loves to discover the world around her. She likes to share her discoveries, experiences and express herself through her blogs.

Find her on Twitter:@iamevieharrison

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