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Why Emotional Courage Is So Essential To Great Leadership

Source | | Kathy Caprino

In my work as a career and leadership coach with mid- to senior-level leaders each year, I’ve seen that the vast majority of the “leadership” or “career” challenges that my clients are facing are actually not career-related or professional in nature at all. They are emotional and internal. These leaders reveal a myriad of struggles in how they are working, leading and managing, and most often, these challenges stem from a reluctance or inability to feel fully and deeply, and to allow themselves to experience true vulnerability. The result is that they’re failing to process their feelings in effective ways. And these unprocessed emotions lead people to make faulty decisions, burn essential bridges and lose needed supporters.

To learn more about how we all can lead with emotional courage, and muster more internal bravery, I was excited to catch up with Peter Bregman this week. Bregman is a bestselling author, trusted adviser to top CEOs and management teams, and the CEO of Bregman Partners, a company that helps senior leaders create accountability and inspire collective action on their organization’s most important work. He is the author of the bestselling book 18 Minutes, and his new book, Leading with Emotional Courage, is being released this month.

I interviewed Bregman on my podcast Finding Brave this week, and he offered an exciting dose of courage and empowerment through his practical strategies and suggestions.

Here’s what Bregman shares about emotional courage:

Kathy Caprino: What is emotional courage, and why is it important?

Peter Bregman: Emotional courage is the willingness to feel. And it’s the driving force behind anything important that we accomplish.

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