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Why Employers love Psychometric Assessments?

Employers use psychometric assessments for many reasons

Source | | ET Spotlight

First and foremost, there is a strong correlation between test scores and job performance. If a candidate scores highly in a psychometric test, the chances are that s/he is going to perform well in the job. As an employer, this predictive quality makes Psychometric Assessments very attractive.

Second, employers prefer to use tests that are objective and accurate because they can be used by multiple people without bias or bias from personal opinion.

Thirdly, employers like to use tests that are fast in order for them to get results as soon as possible so they can make decisions based on those results and make their hiring process more efficient.

Finally, employers want to use as many different types of tests as possible because each type has different purposes and outcomes depending on what kind of job you’re applying for or how long you’ve been working at your current position (which could affect how much experience you need).

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