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Why Ethnic and Gender Diversity Among Tech Executives is Good for Business

Source | | Abby Gabriel 

Recently, one of my Schneider colleagues that I have the pleasure of working with, Ivonne Valdes, sales vice president – cloud & service providers segment, was named to the Hispanic Information Technology Executive Council’s (HITEC) 2019 Top 100 List. This marks an astounding ninth year that Ivonne has received the award. Working alongside her, I have respected and admired her leadership style, her work ethic and her ambition for years. It is no surprise to me that she is part of this elite group of technology leaders, representing the data center market, and I’m also proud of Schneider Electric who promotes diversity and inclusion as a means for strengthening business performance.

With Ivonne’s recent award, and as a mother to two young girls, I took some time to reflect on a question that many are asking today: Why don’t we see more gender and ethnically diverse leadership across global organizations?

Today, organizations are challenged on a daily basis with acquiring and maintaining talent. The gap is particularly acute in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Megatrends like globalization, economic volatility, and disruptive technologies are forcing leaders to find new ways to capture business. The ability to generate innovation depends upon new ideas which, in many cases, are generated by people with new and different backgrounds.

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