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Why Every Retail Company Is Poised for Transformation


Condé Nast and Deloitte Digital have teamed up with leading specialists on Digital Transformation to present Connecting in the Digital Age, a series that will provide an insider’s look at a framework for Digital Transformation, and how it’s been applied across industries and around the world. See how no two transformations are alike, but each shares a common denominator: the power of connection. Here, how tailoring a transformation to both improve the customer’s life and align with a brand’s values means more than just a win-win.

THE NARRATIVE in the retail sector has been bleak the last five years: Brick and mortar stores, the story goes, are destined to fail at the hands of e-commerce.

But while that may be what we’ve all been hearing, it’s not the full story. In fact, the total percentage of online retail sales in 2018 was just 14%. This number is rising steadily, however, it still illustrates just how far e-commerce has to go to overtake brick-and-mortar experiences.

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