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Why good leaders make you feel safe | Simon Sinek

What makes a great leader? Management theorist Simon Sinek suggests, it’s someone who makes their employees feel secure, who draws staffers into a circle of trust. But creating trust and safety — especially in an uneven economy — means taking on big responsibility.

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  1. A great speech and the analogy about a great leader being like a great parent – we want to reward them, develop them and discipline them when necessary so they can ‘grow up’ and achieve more – I will be putting this into practice in work

  2. I’ve listened to so many speakers before…but this guy is the realist…everything makes so much sense…his message is simple…it’s a simple concept…but it’s so simple we make it complex…this guy nailed IT ALL. His speech WILL make an impact on your life

  3. Lifetime employment policy is not a rare thing. In fact, big Japan corporations have been and still implementing such policies since the bubble economy. The reason behind this, so I am told, is to provide security for employees so that they can stop worrying and focus on real work. However, I think the system is failing. For example, the country has one of the lowest productivity among advanced countries. Can anyone tell me why Next Jump has success in implementing such policy but it is failing on a country level?

  4. Some of this good, some its la-la land. Like the head of the tech company who tells his staff you've got a job for life, you wont be dismissed for poor performance. Sometimes you have to dismiss people for misconduct, inability to work with others (ego), laziness, swinging the lead, all sorts of things which can't all be fixed with a chat.

  5. USMC Sgt Dakota Meyer also was awarded the MoH during this battle as well … His team of advisors had been cut off at the front of that column he made 5 trips in and out of the valley rescuing 37 Afghan and US soldiers before making his final run in the village where he came upon on a water drainage ditch only to find his 4 man team had all been killed – during his 1st run in he was just 70 meters away from them but he couldn't drive by the wounded Afghans he had trained and led crying out to him for help – and while still taking fire sporadic fire at this point he picked up the body's of his 4 brothers one by one until all 4 were loaded into the Humvee he had been in so they could go home together

  6. What a naively rosy picture of leaders. I can't think of a single politician who fits that particularly altruistic model – nor, indeed, many prominent business 'leaders'. Most are narcissistically , self-serving, megalomaniacal sociopaths !

  7. Working 20 years in IT industry in 12 different companies, I met exactly one leader caring for his employees. As workplace becomes more demanding, people (including leaders) get too busy solving their own problems and progressing their own careers. Would you lay off your children? Where I work, only old folks had kids back then, younger folks don't want to have kids, because… "Why bother?"

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  9. My teacher told me to watch some Simon Sinek videos. This is so inspirational and authentic compared to other TED talk videos that i saw. He wants people to understand something that not a lot of people think of. Mind you, i am only 13, and this is just amazing, it really taught me something. The future will lead us into safety and something that will keep our globe, a wonderful place. Leaders can protect us. I don't want to write an essay here, but if i would, it would be over 3 pages. I hope he continues to strive on believing his thoughts that people can follow. Its what people can learn from.

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