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Why HR Is Ripe For Disruption

Source | YouTube | Jacob Morgan

Out of all the roles and positions in our organizations, HR is most ripe for disruption. Why is that? HR has remained static the longest, and it is one part of a company that touches all of the employees within the organization. HR used to be very structured and formal regarding their legal, processes, rules and regulations. New things are starting to emerge from HR. Talent management, organizational structures, employee engagement, and feedback are all areas that changing and growing as the way we work evolves and changes. In fact, the very title of Human Resources is slowing disappearing, and being replaced by titles such as, People Officers, Employee Experiences Officers, and Talent Officers. HR is at a complete turning point! It is the most ripe for disruption and change. It is changing it not only the technology that is used, but the approaches used to attract and retain top talent. The entire role is changing into a department that engages employees and creates and environment where employees want to show up, not where they just need to show up.

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