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<p>Josh Bersin</p>
Josh Bersin

Over the last five years, organizations have faced many complex challenges, ranging from designing hybrid work to building a skills meritocracy, modernizing the approach to hiring, and redesigning jobs, roles, and pay policies. And going into 2024, things are getting even more complex. We must accelerate our adoption of automation and AI. Diversity and equity programmes are more challenged than ever, and many younger Indian workers have decided to slow down their careers and explore more balanced lives. Taken together, HR must consider a very new and different value proposition for workers.The Josh Bersin Company Global HR Capability Framework outlines 94 distinct competencies in HR. In collaboration with LinkedIn, and drawing insights from their vast 1 billion-strong database, my team expanded the Framework through additional research and surfaced 250 distinct HR jobs and 400 unique HR skills. That’s a lot to manage. Executing tasks across all these touchpoints poses a huge challenge, especially since the number of skills keeps growing.

There’s a threshold to how long HR can sustain its current trajectory. And I believe we’ve reached that point. Our research found that more than two-thirds of HR teams are primarily administrative functions, and we identified that 68% of HR organizations are far behind in their skills, operating models, and technologies.

HR for a new world

The reality is, to streamline and adapt…

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