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Why I am afraid to grow old | Ian Tyrrell | TEDxNHS

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Arriving in hospital by ambulance can look like a Forumla 1 pit stop. Lines are in, clothes off, gown on. And no-one has asked for the patient’s name. Ian Tyrell highlights the assumptions we make in healthcare settings about what is best for our patients and what can be achieved in rehabilitation. Ian is a physiotherapist from the University of Central Lancashire. He has worked across a number of Trusts and specialities before joining University Hospital of North Midlands as an Advanced Physiotherapist in emergency medicine and frailty. Ian is passionate about improving the care of older people, currently working as an Advanced Clinical Practitioner in frailty and is completing his masters in Advanced Clinical Practice. He has recently created the podcast ‘The Long Lie’ which focuses on improving the care of older people that attend Emergency Departments

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