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Why IIMB library?

By | Dr Pavan Soni | IIM-B Innovation Evangelist 

When I was seeking information about the institute while applying for the FPM program here, I asked a professor- “where do we sit in between the classes?” He chuckled at me and said – “that’s an interesting question. I think you guys have cubicles allotted”.  I was thrilled at the prospects of having cubicles allotted to students! Frankly, in the first two years of the coursework, we hardly had any time in between classes, as the schedule used to be pretty tight, and then was the preparation of comprehensive exam. But soon I realized that the best place to park oneself at the campus undoubtedly is the library. Having sat inside cubicles for almost all my working life, I had no charm left. For God sake, how can one think outside the box while sitting inside one! So library became the office ever since, and I have had some great experiences so far. 
Here’s my view on why library is THE MOST endowed and THE LEAST utilized place in whole of IIM Bangalore. 
The Mecca of Knowledge 
This might surprise many that at any given point in time there are more outsiders than IIMB students sitting in the library. Since almost all the PGP and EPGP students are given their books and reading materials much in advance, there is almost no reason for them to step into these knowledge corridors. Allegedly there are several students who haven’t ever gotten a single book issued from our library! Have a look at how rich the four-storied library is –  254,000 knowledge artefacts! 
Where else will you be finding 26 newspapers and over a few hundred magazines? This is indeed the place to when at the campus, if one comes here to study!
Serendipitous interactions
When I came to the campus in June 2011, I was afraid that once I drown myself into the PhD program, my network will shrink, I will become isolated, and tunnelled in my thinking. But alas, none of this happened. If anything, my diversity and intensity of network has actually grown. Every alternate day I bump into a stranger either inside the library or at the corridors right outside.
As you can see, typically students have to pass by the corridor right outside the library to reach out to hostels or dining area. Almost all visitors stop by the library on this campus tour and wonder how come people sit here all day long just reading? Well ask me!

My natural tendency to (meaningfully) connect with people makes library the best place for me to be at. Can’t thank IIMB enough for giving a gift of the lifetime.

Unparalleled tranquillity  
One thing that we miss dearly, and will more so in years to come is peace and tranquillity, the essentials for anything substantive to emerge from human thoughts. The breeze that flows through the large open windows overlooking the lawns makes the IIMB library one of the rare places in the city espousing introspection and creativity. If you get bored reading a book or a paper, just walk around in the library, pick-up a random book, and you are most certain to get fresh insights. Or else, take a stroll right on the lawn and you come back energized.

In fact, I dread finishing the PhD program for the fear of not being able to continue sitting in the campus library.
It’s my home, my temple, and I urge you to pay a visit sometime soon.  

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