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Why Industry-driven Training is Critical for Employability Amongst Indian Engineers

The major challenge plaguing the talent pool of fresh engineering graduates is the insufficient understanding of the fundamentals

Source | | Jaydev V. Sanghavi

With increasingly digitised operations and automation across the spectrum, the world is witnessing a paradigm shift in the ways businesses today are functioning. As new and emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Internet of Things (IoT) penetrate industries at a rapid pace, the emphasis on convenience and efficiency has evolved from just that to augmenting the roles of human teams with the use of these technologies. However, this is also a two-way street, where the demand for engineers with robust skill sets to operate and enhance the use of these advanced tools and systems is at an all-time high. The problem that lies here is that, despite a large number of engineering graduates in India every year, most of them do not have adequate skills to be deemed employable.

The Employability Scenario in the Age of Emerging Technologies:

As per a study by Aspiring Minds, over 80per cent of engineers graduating in India are unemployable due to a lack of new-age technology skills. The situation of existing employees will also be along similar lines if the necessary measures for reskilling and upskilling are not taken at regular intervals, given the rapid pace at which new technologies are changing procedures.

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