Why Integrity, Ethics, Principles, Values, & Honesty are necessary in a Startup ?

Source | | Ashutosh Garg is the founder Chairman of Guardian Pharmacies

Laying the foundation of an honest organisation built with strong integrity and ethics is important to set the culture, direction, principles, and priorities for any new company.

The lead has to be taken by the founder, the leader of the young startup, by setting the right example and setting the right standards at every step of the way. Values and principles established in the beginning will stand the tests of time.

Shortcuts and unethical business practices will get enshrined in a young company at the start and will be very difficult to change at a later date.

The oft heard line “This is how it happens here” will be repeated by all future managers of the young company.

There Is No Grey In Honesty – Only Black Or White

To me, honesty is a simple black and white subject. There neither is grey in honesty nor is there any other shade of white and black as I have heard many people say. Either you are honest or dishonest. I tell my young colleagues that before they leave home morning when they are alone and look in the mirror, can they look at themselves directly in the eye and tell themselves

“I did no wrong yesterday and I did not knowingly harm anyone yesterday and I was honest to myself.”

This I believe is the only explanation they would ever need to give to themselves. What anyone else thinks of them or their actions is of no relevance and does not matter. My advice to my young colleagues is:

“If someone asks you to compromise your own ethical standards or asks you to do something you don’t think is correct, hear them out. You don’t have to implement their decision if you disagree. Go with your conscience. What you think is right is what the organisation expects from you. You can’t please every manager or everyone in the company”.

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