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Why is taking risk so hard for HR?

By | Anand Bhaskar | Director, Coach & Advisor at PGC

The most intriguing part about human beings is the inherent contradictions in words and action.

There isn’t a soul who would argue against risk taking. But when it comes to self, there is a huge reluctance to take risks. Having worked in HR for most of my professional life, I have worked with many HR professionals who are extremely good in writing competencies & values, encompassing an element of risk taking. Also talking about risk taking culture being required in organisations and how it can positively impact growth etc.

However, the interesting contradiction I have observed is the inability of many HR professionals to take risks themselves. A deep sense of insecurity creeps in when they are required to test new ideas without a safety net. Over years I have been hearing some of these highly accomplished HR professionals’ talk about great ideas, transformational thinking and entrepreneurial orientation. I have been on industry panel discussions with them on a few occasions. However, when it comes to matching words with actions at their work place, the gap is not insignificant.

The question is not about these individuals. They are human after all. The moot question is why is HR risk averse? Why are the preachers & custodians of change unable to walk the talk?

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Republished with permission and originally published at Anand Bhaskar’s LinkedIn


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