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Why It Is Necessary to Break Freelancing Myths

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This blog is based on an Expert Chat on ‘Freelancing — Breaking the Myths’ by Geetha Pradeep, Freelance Content Strategist and Writer.

By the end of this blog you will have answers to:

 “Can I start freelancing soon after college?”

“Which is the best field for freelancing?”

“Is there a legal procedure to become a freelancer?”

Freelancing For Freshers/Starters

  • As a fresher, the first step is to decide where your interests lie. This is one of the most important steps for a freelancer. 
  • Once you decide which field you want to work in, the second step involves figuring out how well you will be able to justify the role you are choosing. You can always start based on your interests, but if you are not able to work efficiently, you will not be able to grow professionally. Therefore, this step is crucial in the initial stages of your freelance career
  • When it comes to promoting your brand, what you can do is create an impressive professional profile (for example, on a professional profile like Profile+ by JobsForHer), it should clearly state what you are freelancing in. 

A strong network will help you land your first job, so make sure your social circle is aware that you are available for freelance gigs.

Another way to start is by sharing samples of your work. In fields like content writing, you can probably share a sample of your writing as a reference point for potential opportunity providers. 

Which Fields Have Good Scope For Freelancing?

The advantage of the present time is that most of the fields have options of freelancing. Companies need a certain expertise for a particular period (or project), for which they usually prefer freelancers. This is perhaps why there is a spike in the number of freelance jobs. 

Currently, there are freelancers in fields like teaching, content writing, digital marketing, advertising, tech, sales, telecommunication, marketing and other major fields.

So, pick a field that interests you and focus on building your career in that field.

The Legal Picture in Freelancing

When it comes to legal processes in freelancing, it mainly depends on the field you are working in. 

Each field has its own laws, so you can seek advice from a lawyer who is an expert in your field. Keep in mind that you need to have a service license if your work involves inter-state transactions — if your client is in a different state from that of yours.

We hope that answered the three questions at the beginning of the blog. If you wish to know more about a career in freelancing, watch this Expert Chat video by Geetha Pradeep:

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