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Don’t “Do What You Love,” Do What Lets You Have the Life You Want

By | Holley Morgan |

Introverts shouldn’t feel as though they are “wrong” if all they want to do is show up at work and actually work (vs. make small talk).

It’s a fact that being an introvert in the workplace is hard, particularly when we are trying to find work that is suited to our personalities. We know that we probably won’t be happy in a call center or a position where we have to interact with people for our entire shift (just thinking about it is exhausting). And there aren’t many jobs that don’t involve human interaction to a degree that the average introvert would wish to avoid.

In October, I left my job in IT and went to work in the dish room of a restaurant — in other words, where the dishes are washed. In some ways, it is a nice change of pace from my old job. I don’t have to be on the phone or constantly monitoring my notifications on Microsoft Teams and Outlook. I don’t have to try to remember a myriad of complicated passwords to log into software that I don’t even want to look at. I don’t have to talk to irate customers who are upset with their flawed systems. But…

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