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Why management training, skills will be top tech priorities for 2023

By | Phil Albinus |

Consulting with HR leaders has provided technology providers with a unique vantage point: These vendors, which provide solutions to organizations, know that today’s HR and IT leaders who serve the function are trying to solve a long list of EX-related challenges, including the Great Resignation, quiet quitting, the need for skills and what they’re learning from active and passive employee listening. Solution providers also realize that HR leaders continue to address challenges that have accelerated to near-crisis levels in regard to recruitment and employee retention.

And a new priority has emerged: upskilling managers and supervisors. A recent Gartner survey of 860 HR leaders found that 60% of respondents stated that leader and manager effectiveness is their top priority for 2023. The same survey found that other top priorities for HR leaders next year are organizational and change management (53%), employee experience (47%), recruiting (46%) and the future of work (42%).

To delve a little deeper into 2023 HR tech priorities, we asked experts at leading HR technology vendors what they’re hearing about the coming year. Here’s what they had to say.

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