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Why Mentorship Lasts a Lifetime

Source | Linkedin | Thomas Leonardi | Executive Vice President AIG and Vice Chair AIG Life Holdings Inc

Last month AIG’s early career professionals graduated from their two-year analyst program. We hire these high performing college graduates and early career professionals into an entry-level position, and then a subset of them rotates through different roles within their function or business unit every few months. Along the way, they learn the ins and outs of our business and get the chance to develop lasting relationships with their colleagues and managers, many of whom remain mentors for the duration of their AIG career and beyond.

“I believe that this type of formal development program, and even more importantly, informal mentorships, can make the difference between success or failure and have a lasting impact.”

I know this from personal experience. There are two people in my life who had a profound impact on my personal and professional development. Their ability to understand my concerns, provide direction when I needed it most, and believe in me when I was filled with self-doubt gave me the confidence to pursue an ambitious career path.

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