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Why print a Newspaper during a Sports Tournament?

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People who organize sports tournaments know that for the event to succeed, the communication before, during and after, has to be optimal. But there is also an economical factor that organizers have to keep in mind. Printing a newspaper can come in as a great help to solve both these problems. Here is why.

A Means to communicate to People on Site

The internet has certainly become the largest communication network that has ever existed in the story of mankind. However, during special events taking place on site, people look for their information wherever they can find it around them. That is why the best means to communicate what happened the day before, what will be going on during the day, and what they can expect tomorrow, is through newspaper print

That will include the results of the day before and an update on the ranking of the teams, at this point of the tournament. It should also feature the schedule of the day’s matches, as well as where they will be held, if there are various locations. Furthermore, all communications that will be offered to journalists and to the public, should be noted with the time it will take place, the person who will be speaking, and their location on the site. Finally, the matches of tomorrow should also be indicated. Let’s not forget information on where to buy tickets, and also all promotional merchandise, on site.

Newspaper Print isn’t costly, and you can make Money Out of It

Newspaper print isn’t like a glossy magazine. It can be printed at a cost that won’t create budgetary problems. It is certainly the best way to provide a physical tool to all that want to know what is going on at the tournament and where they need to go. But just as importantly, we have to remember that there is no better place to insert advertisements from the sponsors of the event. In fact, this kind of daily visibility will certainly convince a few of them to put money into the event. 

It is also the opportunity for other types of advertisers to come in. Not all businesses can afford to sponsor a sport event. It often requires tens of thousands of dollars to do so. Restaurants, bars, and clubs around the venues can benefit from the visibility, but at a much lesser cost, that they can afford. That is something made possible by printing daily newspaper throughout the tournament. You can then be looking at advertising starting as low as a few hundred dollars per day. These are revenues that can really help an event remain strong financially.

As you can see, the use of a newspaper, during a tournament, is something that should be thought of. It can also turn into a memory for some of the athletes taking part in the competition. They will certainly want to keep the edition where they are seen celebrating their victory. A great way to remind everyone that winning may not be everything, but it sure feels better than losing. 

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