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Why remote-first culture is good for both businesses and employees

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During these two years of the pandemic, many offices have adopted a remote work model. By enabling employees to work from anywhere, businesses can be more productive while also creating a more inclusive environment and continuing to foster genuine connections.

Though some CEOs in the tech sector continue to delay return-to-office, it can be good for both businesses and employees. A remote-first culture can lead to more engaged employees, better retention, and improved productivity. Here’s what the future of work could look like and why going back to office culture would be a step back.

Not limiting the success measures to working hours

For a very long time, offices and the work they do have been seen as an output. Companies measure employees based on how long they are at their desks and link productivity to the notion of “hard work.”

In reality, remote offices help achieve company goals and remove the friction that comes with a physical workplace. Before COVID-19, several employees used to spend many hours a day commuting. Now that has been cut out, and as a result, friction in business is significantly reduced. 

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