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Why Self-Leadership Is The Most Important Leadership

Source | | Tony Gambill

Leaders will ultimately succeed or fail based on their ability to effectively navigate their most important, complex, and relational situations. These are the harder situations that leaders regularly encounter where there is no one right answer and successfully engaging others is critical for success.

I have coached and trained thousands of leaders and employees throughout my career and a great majority of them possessed more than enough intelligence, willingness, and knowledge to succeedResearch shows that the two primary reasons leaders fail are because of failed relationships, or because they fail to continually learn.

Ongoing leadership success is mostly determined by one’s ability to develop advanced Self-Leadership skills which enable one to better navigate important, complex, and relational situations. 

SOAR Model for Self-Leadership

You have probably heard many times how important it is for leaders to demonstrate self-awareness, emotional intelligence, inclusion, mindfulness, empathy, social intelligence, and learning agility. In our upcoming book, Getting It Right When It Matters Most (Gambill and Carbonara, 2021), we introduce the SOAR Self-Leadership Model. This model takes the fewest, most important knowledge and skills from each of these important concepts and places them in a practical, replicable, and research-backed roadmap for effectively navigating your most difficult situations. The four phases of the model are Self, Outlook, Action, and Reflection (SOAR). 

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