Why #SelfTalk Is Important For Entrepreneurs?

Source | Linkedin | Rajiv Talreja Bestseller Author | Entrepreneur | Business Coach | Investor Owner of Team Karnataka Warriors | Curator Heroes Awards

Being an entrepreneur requires a certain mindset. You often cannot predict the journey ahead and find yourself in new roads. You have a choice. You can either take the road less travelled or go back where everyone else is. If you observe successful people, the one habit that stands out is the habit of positive self-talk. Read on to understand why & how cultivating this habit can take you towards success.

Imagine that you have a great product or service and a good business strategy in place. But if your head is not in the game these strategies won’t matter. To be successful we first need to cultivate a mindset that harbours success. Self-confidence is the first step towards being successful. Of course, one cannot be positive and happy all the time. In terms of stress or adversity that we’re faced with, it is completely natural for us to get bogged down and feel dead beat. However, when we’re faced with these challenges, the question is: How Do We React?

  • We feel dejected
  • We wonder why we’re in this situation in the first place
  • Who’s fault is it?
  • We wonder why success doesn’t come as easily to us
  • We compare ourselves to everyone else around!

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