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Why Should Startups Invest In Pre-Employment Testing

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When we discuss a journey of startup projects like Apple, Google or Amazon, then we talk about Steve Jobs, Eric Schmidt or Jeff Bezos only. These people might have sown a seed of startup projects with an idea, but in reality, to nourish and expand these mega startup ventures – hard work of numerous people has been used. These startups are able to flourish because they are lucky enough to find a qualified team. 

Having a competent and technically trained team can take a startup venture to the new heights of success. However, it’s not a piece of cake to find a qualified and skilled employee for your team from the wide pool of incompetent professionals. Thus, pre-employment testing is a great tool to test the capabilities and skills of employees before hiring the perfect employee.

What is a Pre-Employment Testing?

Pre-employment tests are described as the standard objective of gathering relevant information about candidates during the hiring process. The professionally created pre-test enables employers to check the efficiency and traits of potential employees. The information retrieved from the pre-employment test mostly depends upon the method of test that has been used by a company. 

These tests are becoming highly popular as they can filter incompatible candidates and manage a large number of applicants swiftly. Additionally, the problem of resume spammers has been increasing rapidly. According to a report, averagely applicants spend merely 76 seconds in reading the job description – this results in recruiters receiving 50% of applications that won’t match the job brief.

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