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Why shrinking Love Ruling Corporate Day ?

Source | LinkedIn : By Rajessh Deb Roy

Are you liking what you are doing or in Love with work of your choice or just moving ahead as a slave of others choice just think blink think while you reach till the last line of this read to decide and start loving your environment and creating culture of respect and love helps you not only bring happiness to others too but keep you going as well !!

Are you working over 250 hours a month consistently, yet having the most glorious time of your life. So those who doesn’t understand why others are hesitant.

You ? Are you conflicted.

But I’m also worried that any prescriptive pronouncement is fraught with danger. Formula one champions drive above 250 km an hour hundreds of times in their racing career. And most of them retire unscathed. But to breezily extol the joys of driving at 250 km an hour is an invitation for thoughtless people to kill themselves.

It’s the same with our careers. Working 250 hours a month is a hazardous routine, which—like parkour or marathons—is to be followed only by those for whom the abacus beads line-up correctly.

That’s the precondition to achieve “flow”.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (indeed, that’s his name) is a psychologist globally-renowned for his concept of “flow”, which describes optimal experiences.

He proposed that humans are happiest not when they work more or work less. But when they’re in a state of complete absorption with whatever they’re engaged with. Flow is being so involved that nothing else matters. You’re in the zone.

Is it possible to be in flow at our jobs? Yes. If we obey the Confucian dictum of

“Choose a job you love, so you don’t have to work a day in your life.”

That’s when we become the chosen ones, deliriously happy while working endless hours.

But this is rare. Because of many factors that trip us.

The first factor is that what we devote ourselves to should have a deep sense of meaning. Only then will we be so immersed that we lose sense of time and enter a transcendental state traditionally called dhyan in India. Which incidentally, is a word that was carried by Buddhism through China and into Japan, transmogrifying into “Zen”.


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