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Why technology can never replace the recruitment consultant

Source | Recruting Blog : By Kerry Clifton

A recent study showed that a computer algorithm was more reliable than a human recruiter at hiring. The study was conducted by the US National Bureau of Economic Research and found that those placed by a computer algorithm stayed in their roles 15% longer than those placed by humans.

With recruitment technology becoming ever more modernised with Tinder style apps, where you swipe left to reject and right to hire, matching people has become faster, but potentially less reliable. Modern style apps allow recruiters to make a decision based on limited information and are removing the ‘human’ aspect of the job. However, will computers ever replace the human recruitment consultant?

No. Recruitment is and always will be a people business

The unmeasurable side to recruitment

There is nothing to suggest that a computer would not be able to match candidates to a roles with success, but what about the aspects of recruitment that are not measurable? Matching a candidate to a role is a complex equation and goes beyond a personal skills fit. A good recruiter will judge whether the candidate would be a good personality fit within the team, would enjoy the company culture, would be happy in the role, as well as being continually motivated and productive within the company. A computer cannot read these underlying factors that only a human can make judgment on.

Recruiters build relationships

Recruitment has always been about people and recruitment consultants build relationships throughout their career that they can call upon in the future. With the majority of ideal candidates off the market, it is important for recruitment consultants to develop relationships and persuade people to leave their current employment. Human recruitment consultants can sell the dream, sell the brand and manage the whole emotional process of interviewing and exiting a current company.

Manage expectations of the client and candidate

Recruitment is not a cut and dried industry and when placing a candidate many issues can arise. The most common is managing the salary expectation of either the candidate or the client. Negotiating a salary increase is a delicate subject and an experienced recruitment consultant will be able to ensure that both parties are kept happy at all times.  A recruitment consultant can also manage the expectations of the candidate, giving them a real insight in to the company and the team, as well as managing the client expectations, who may want someone with over 5 years’ experience in an industry that was only founded 2 years ago. A computer cannot relationship manage and call on life history and past experiences.

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