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Why this CEO says new grads should ditch social media to get ahead at work: ‘Find somebody to talk to you in the flesh’

By | Ashton Jackson |

Once upon a time, having a college degree was enough to get a well-paying job. Today, however, a college degree is only a small piece of what’s usually needed to land a job in the field you want.

The current market puts job seekers at an advantage, as increased openings allow applicants to vie for more benefits, higher salaries and more PTO. However, recent graduates still struggle to get hired, with an elevated unemployment rate of 4.1%, compared to the national average of 3.5% in June during peak graduation season, MSNBC reports.

According to Indeed, new graduates struggle to get hired after college due to high competition, inadequate work experience and little networking.

Here are three ways young professionals can stand out, according to Lisa Lewin, CEO of education company General Assembly.

1. Show off your technical skills

Being tech-savvy is an essential skill for students and recent grads. And there’s a lot of potential to make a career of it.

The tech industry contributes more than $1.8 trillion to the U.S. economy according to CompTIA, the nonprofit association for the information technology workforce. They estimate that by the end of 2022, 178,000 new tech jobs will have opened in 48 states.

Whether you gained technical IT skills in college or not, you can learn them through online resources, boot camps, and education organizations like General Assembly. According to Lewin, these skills include software engineering, data analytics, data engineering, data science, digital marketing skills and digital product management.

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