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Why we exist? – The imperative inference to a ‘Start-Up’!

By | Deepak Murugaian | Making Tools for empowering “Teaching As A Business” providers to run successful online business empires!

People have many reasons to start their entrepreneurial journey. However, there should be an at least one reason for a company’s existence.

“A company exists to solve a problem but its existence depends on deriving on a profitable business model around the problem.”

Typically in a startup, the business model doesn’t come in a single day as in the books, it takes a significant amount of time to understand what are you solving, for whom and how are you going to make money.

In fact, this continues to pivot, and if it does not, you are no more a startup. Large corporations such as IBM exists more than a century only by changing their business models including their mission statements.

This is our inevitable story of existence.

Did you know? A survey by employability assessment firm Aspiring Minds said 95% of Indian engineers can’t code and the Economic Times reported that 2 lakh IT engineers will lose their jobs annually in the next three years!

TeachEdison is an education technology startup. We provide end-to-end solutions that make people smarter at a scale.

“We do this by writing innovative software programs, setting up the right hardware infrastructure, enabling data analytics for better decisions and finally creating interactive videos to digitise content.”

As in any domain, education has its colossal problems, and after traversing around this space, we took a call to help the following three customer segments:

  1. Private Academic Bodies a.k.a Training Institutes
  2. Organisations
  3. Professionals

How are we helping our Customers?

We help training institutes to reach a broader audience by taking them online, Right from installing digital infrastructure in classrooms to setting up online cloud platform -We take care of everything!

“Our USP is providing a wholly tailor-made holistic soltuion in their brand name.”

We help organisations with their Learning & Development Function by setting up an online learning academy for their internal employees and vendors. Right from the mobile APP to content creation, we take care of everything.

“Our USP here is our content development capabilities.”

We have an online platform for professionals that connect subject experts with the beginners – help them learn a new skill or hone existing skills along with virtual 1-1 mentoring on demand.

“Experts can list their self-paced video courses, host live online workshops or merely list their profile with their availability. Learners can block expert’s calendar to find solutions to their problems.”

We are still striving to deliver more value to our customers and making our offering more relevant to the core problems of the industry.

As in any startup, this business model of ours does not come in a single day. We will continue to pivot, and if we don’t, we are no more a startup, and in a big picture, we call it innovation.

“I believe “Change is inevitable and founders exist to make it right.”

My name is Deepak Murugaian and this is our inevitable story of existence.

Republished with permission and originally published at Deepak Murugaian’s LinkedIn

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