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Why We Need More Women in Technology – A Panel Discussion at HerRising

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In a world advancing faster than ever, sadly, the number of women in technology is only spiraling backward. 

Of all the roles in technology, only 25% of computing jobs are held by women. 
It’s true. The state of affairs, when it comes to women in tech, is dismal.

For decades now, STEM fields have been unwelcoming of women and the potential they bring to the tech landscape. As a result, we have gender discrimination, disparity in wages,  limited opportunities, and other such roadblocks hindering the already inclined path for women in the workplace.

And addressing that is this panel of tech professionals who came together at HerRising on Sept 7th, 2019, to think about, express, and address the problem at hand.

On the second panel of the conference – ‘Why We Need More Women in Tech’ we had:

Reema Jain, IT Director, Global EBI Platform & ERP Application Management, Unilever
Sreekanth K Arimanithaya, Global Talent Leader, EY GDS
Subhasis Mishra, TA and Diversity Recruiting Leader, Amazon
Moderator for the Panel: Harjeet Pruthi, Senior Program Manager, VMware India

Quoting from their years of experience, here’s a snippet of what each of them had to say:

‘We have a program to encourage women’s participation in technology, and its called VMware Taara. The objective is, for women who are currently on a career break, to provide free technical education and training through VMware products and services so that it gives women returnees their first stepping stone to come back to work.’
 – Harjeet Pruthi, Senior Program Manager, VMware India

‘Firstly, women need to look at careers beyond corporates. You can start up your own ventures. There are several women entrepreneurs I know of who are successful. You can definitely pursue a career with a corporate. And you can become a freelancer. There are several freelancing platforms for technology professionals. I believe that a lot of women today bring in much more competency when compared to their male counterparts.’
 – Sreekanth K Arimanithaya, Global Talent Leader, EY GDS

‘All of us have to make choices. We want to have it all, but life is about making choices. Some times the choices are big, like not taking up a promotion or considering a career break. Some choices are small, like not attending your daughter’s Show & Tell contest or missing a family get-together. So, there’s always a trade-off where to gain something you lose something.’
–  Reema Jain, IT Director, Global EBI Platform & ERP Application Management, Unilever


To know more of what they passed onto our women technologists, in the auditorium and online, 

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