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Why What We Feel Matters More Than What We Think. | Natasha Sharma | TEDxStMaryCSSchool

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In the digital age, Emotional Fitness will be more critical than ever to the quality of our lives. It remains the most accurate predictor of success and happiness. This is because we experience the world emotionally – not cognitively. We make most major decisions based on how we feel – not what we think. And it is these feelings that guide the actions we take. Therefore our emotions determine the entire experience of our lives. The 3 emotions that drive and motivate us in life more than any other are: Love, Hate, and Fear. Being Emotionally Fit is to know what motivates you and to be in charge of how you feel. No matter what your challenges are it is the key to overcoming them, reaching your highest potential, and controlling the quality of your own life.

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