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Why Women Returnees are in Demand!

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For years, ‘diversity’ was just a term that featured in HR policies – on paper, but rarely in practice. This typically led qualified women to feel unsupported and hence leave the workplace.

But the pandemic turned the tables. What was once a remote possibility of flexi work options and remote working became the new normal. This led to more women seeking to return to their career. 

This was also the time when companies took the lead to change  their mindsets and become strong allies for women. 

Companies committed to change

Change has been slow, but it has finally arrived! Ever since consulting firm McKinsey proved that companies with more women at all levels – in leadership, middle management and entry-level – reported higher profits

Studies have shown that India could add 9 percentage points to her GDP growth, just by enabling equal participation in the workforce for women. 

Companies are now realizing the advantage of tapping this trained talent pool and are now rolling out the red carpet for women returnees.

Firms welcoming women back 

Many companies provide Returnship Programs for qualified women professionals on break such as Airbnb, Capgemini, dunnhumby, Mahindra, Intuit, S&P Global and others. These companies are also in the list of Great Places to Work for Women in India 20.

At Epsilon,the company is hiring more women in leadership roles through the company’s ‘SheRises’ , a returnship program for women, designed in a way where one can learn from another and empower each other.

This 6 month contract role comes with upskilling sessions, on-the-job training, and mentorship programs. Post 6 months, the trainees are offered a full-time role with Epsilon depending on performance and relevant job roles at hand.

Dunnhumby has a ‘Back to her future’ Program to enable women returnees back into their working world. 

Few companies like Societe Generale, through D&I initiatives, are now having over 40% women in management roles. And while going about enforcing far-reaching reforms, have even committed a budget of €7 million (2019-2021) to remove the unjustified wage gap between women and men.

So many more companies now offer genuine women-friendly policies (either WFH, hybrid options, on-site creche facilities and a lot more) to attract female talent back to work. Companies like dunnhumby, HCL Technologies, Thoughtworks, etc, are committed to not just welcoming women back, but nurturing their talent to build leaders.

Why Returnship Programs? 

Understanding that companies need women for better bottom lines has meant that the average Returnship Program is well thought-out:

  •  Specially curated roles are selected for women to transition into
  • · Mentorship is provided
  • · Upskilling is often paid for
  • · Typically, being at home isolates women, so a returnship program helps them begin networking

The days of having to justify those years on a maternity/child-rearing break are gone! So all you talented women out there, take the plunge and explore the new opportunities available today!

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