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Why Workers Will Drive a Harder Bargain With Employers in 2022

Employees will ask more of employers when it comes to working conditions in 2022, according to LinkedIn


Whether called the Great Resignation or the I Refuse movement, last year’s hiring shortage gave many employees the upper hand when negotiating over salaries and benefits. With more than 4.5 million workers quitting their jobs in the U.S. in November alone, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, many workers are in a strong position to demand higher compensation and better working conditions.

That’s according to LinkedIn’s annual list of big ideas that could change the world in 2022, sourced from CEOs, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders. Here’s how experts believe the relationship between employees and employers will change in 2022:

  • A strong 2022 economy will bolster employee bargaining power, according to LinkedIn’s chief economist, Karin Kimbrough, noting that the U.S. unemployment rate could shrink to 3.5 percent, from the current 4.8 percent.

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