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Why You May Hate Your New Job and What to Do if This Happens

Source | Linkedin | David Wiseman | Digital Brand Reputation Management • Online Branding Expert • Public Speaker • LinkedIn Writer with 1+ Million Views

There’s a job opening. It’s a more senior role at an incredible company/organization. You’re excited by the possibilities it promises, and this opportunity could do wonderful things for your career.

Without much hope or expectation you apply and are contacted for an interview.

The first interview is great – so is the second one.

Now the fantasy is within touching distance of becoming a reality. As you get further in the process, you allow yourself start to think of what your new business cards are going to look like, of what the new commute will be.

It’s all you can think of while they make a decision – every time your phone rings or you have a new email you wonder if it’s them. You want it to be – but only if it’s good news.

They offer you the job!

Celebration, Excitement, Happy Dance!

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