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Why You Should Always Be the Last to Speak | Simon Sinek

Be The Last to Speak speech: Simon Sinek talks about the importance of first listening to the opinion of others before making your own, arguing that the best leaders are the ones who master the skill of being the last to speak.

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  1. What if everyone just waits for others to speak first?! Genius?!
    What if everybody in the same meeting just listen to that kind of B.S.. who will go first?! ?

  2. This said fromma man who obviously hasnt had a life dominated by abusive, controlling narcisist.. Under such abuse they never let you speak.. They stonewall, take, steal, manipulate… By the time any person is able to listen to the victim speak they have stolen everything completely. Control freaks do ALL things to prevent a story which may effect the controller from their own gains

  3. A few real facts have escaped our gifted new guru's foresighted insight, and I do not diminsh nor diswade his conjecture, but somehow objective precise reality trumps poetic elegance for us technicals. 1) Your ( everyone's) attention span is approximately psychologically gauged analytically at 30 seconds, before your mind wanders, sex, unresolved 10 millionth reviewing of past trama, and erotic fantacy are by data research persistent repeat contenders . I contend being an educated well read aspirant , that number should be scaled downward dramatically today to single digits, driven by todays compulsive addiction to futile electronic stimulation, I propose you have approximately 9 seconds to be fascinatingly entertaining, or you get a dose of the eyes roll back into the head, and it is rudely apparent, at that point, you lost control of the meeting, and, " It is over". 2) The Rand corporation, a elite think tank of emmense scholastic prestige, predicted at the time transistor pocket radios first made an appearance, in 1960 , that radical terrorism would replace tactical warfare, this is before anyone heard the word "terrorism", and addiction to ele tronic devices would be overwhelming to all the masses of the planet, dwarfing narcotics, which in 1960 had not made any public notice. The point is personal verbal one to one, face to face interchange is now antiquated, gone the way of the former era's buggy whip.

  4. Actually, this is exactly what Stalin used to do. Granted, he was a terrible human being who contributed to countless unnecessary deaths. However, one cannot question how strong of a leader Stalin was.

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