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Why You Should Pay Heed to Customer Journey to Better Customer Experience?

Source | AMEYO : B Hemani Sehgal

Most organizations are good at collecting data. But often this data collected, lacks to show the actual emotions and true customer experience.  You can gather true insights and know more about your average buyers or customers with detailed analysis and some insights on customer journey.

What is customer journey?

From the first point of contact or the initial response you receive from a prospect, the customer journey begins. It is a map of his experiences, touchpoints, different stages, up till reaching the last resort or the final stage, where he buys the product or keeps your product or service on hold. Customer journey mapping is a holistic approach in understanding the flow the experiences a customer has with an organization.

If you look beyond your framework of rigid parameters, you will start to understand that customer experience and customer satisfaction is actually the new battleground for all businesses.

Customer journey map is paramount for all business to grow

Customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and brand advocacy, these are not fancy terms anymore. As the owner or manager of a business that operates in today’s competitive environment, you must understand and invest in the customer experience. I guarantee your competitors already are. This is indeed a bold statement,  but a report by ‘Call Center Executive Priorities Report’ has found that customer experience will reign as the primary investment target in 2016 with 68% of businesses planning to increase their spending in that area.

Customer journey map fosters customer loyalty

In a recent report by Avaya, most of the customers (approximately 44%) consider customer loyalty to be a relic of the past.

Did you read that correctly? 44% customers think that customer loyalty is dead. Now, if you want your business to take an alternate turn, you should probably start investing more money, time and efforts to correct this. If you have adequate knowledge of customer journey map, you can determine the hardships they face and how you can improve their customer experience to enhance brand advocacy and retain customers or build customer loyalty.

To reduce customer churn

In a recent report by Accenture, it was clearly mentioned that 67% times it is not the price that is the reason for customer churn, but poor quality of customer service.

Now, to sort this, you need to focus more on those areas which are your weak points or you think which lack great customer experience. If you can build up more great customer experience moments and bank upon your leads, chances that your customer retention rates will shoot higher with every passing quarter and with no dips in % increase or negative bounce backs.

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