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Why You Should Support Your Local Christian Music Scene

By | Farhan Ali

The Christian music scene goes far beyond the stereotypical gospel singers most people are used to. There are Christian rappers, country acts, pop groups – the genre runs deep.

The next time you’re looking for live entertainment, turn to the local music scene, as you may be able to find the perfect talent right in your backyard.

It can cost less.

A musician’s time and talent is valuable, and they should be compensated for that. However, levels of compensation often vary based on experience.

A local band who is just starting out in their career may be willing to play your event for a lower fee and additional perks like gas money or the opportunity to sell merchandise at the show.

You don’t need to take thousands out of your event planning budget for entertainment alone.

Reach out to local talent to have a conversation about what type of compensation is mutually beneficial.

It sets up success for the scene as a whole.

Say there are only two local Christian bands around. Never hiring them will make the scene feel like it’s not in demand, and could prevent other similar acts from forming.

Supporting a band even once helps broadcast the message that their skills are something people look for in the area, and may urge other talent to become a part of the local scene since the opportunity is there.

You can get in from the ground up.

It’s a tale you hear often: A local band is discovered by a talent agent and shoots to major success.

If you support your local music scene you may be one of the first to work with said local band, who will likely remember your kindness and be willing to repay it once they hit it big.

Having a charity event and looking for a national act to draw in crowds and more donation money? Your formerly local band may be the solution to getting people in the door.

Support spirals out to educational systems.

Having a thriving arts scene in a community sends a very clear message to the schools within that area: The arts are important.

Showing community leaders time and again that local shows draw big crowds and impact the neighborhood in positive ways can help them look at the arts from a different perspective.

They may be more willing to fund programs in that realm and help children foster their skills from a young age.

It provides a personal experience.

Would you rather be 10 feet from the band’s bassist or a football field away in a stadium?

Supporting a local band gives people the chance to interact closely with them, on and off the stage. Many bands will stick around after a show to chat with people.

It helps the local economy.

Attending a show at a local venue is not only beneficial to the band. It may also help out a venue that sells food and drink.

If the experience is pleasant, people may be more likely to continue patronizing that business.

Continued support of locally-owned entities strengthens the economy.

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