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Why You Should Think Twice Before Promoting Your Next Employee

There’s a special class of maneuvers in a rock climber’s repertoire called a “dyno.” The term is an abbreviation of “dynamic” and refers to a point in a climber’s ascent where, instead of moving methodically to the next obvious foothold or hand position, the climber launches upward—springing toward a location that would otherwise be out of reach. Of course, executing a dyno is risky. But sometimes a climber has no other choice.

Many growing businesses face similar predicaments when it comes to their talent. You’re hiring fast. Loads of new employees are entering your ranks, and veterans are swiftly taking on new challenges and job titles. The experience is thrilling, anxiety-inducing, and (yes) dynamic.

In such environments, managers looking to promote their employees should think of them as climbers scaling a rock face: How can they get to that next spot from their current position? What sort of maneuver will it take, and what are the risks?

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