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Why You Should Use a VPN

By | Sierra Powell

Prying eyes record every keyboard click in your online activity. Cybercriminals and hackers are lurking in the background, ready to steal your information on the first misstep. A virtual private network, or VPN, is a barrier separating your sensitive material and online activity from the criminals, hackers, and spies who want it. There are five benefits to adding a VPN to your browser, tablet, or phone.

Browse Anonymously

You deserve to browse the web in peace. Unfortunately, search engines, network administrators, your internet service provider, the government, and hackers are watching. They store data logs and web trackers of online activity you made each day. A VPN is your hired muscle online, ensuring no one is tracking or storing data about you through encryption and a non-traceable IP address.

Every online move goes through the VPN’s encrypted tunnel, hiding your IP. What the spies detect is a non-traceable IP address tied to a random location nowhere near you. The spies cannot reach your IP because it’s secure inside the tunnel.

Browse Anonymously on Mobile Devices

That is true for computer surfing, but what about browsing the web on a tablet or phone? Using your VPN app on your mobile device will shield your online activity from prying eyes and online threats. It has the bonus of stopping apps from collecting user data while the app is open. It also blocks the connection between the information and your computer IP address. That is worse if the phone or tablet uses the same home Wi-Fi your computer uses.

Without that bonus, the data will fall into the app owner’s hands to do whatever they wish with the information. With a VPN, the data collected is accurate yet vague, which means the owner cannot use that information for their benefit.

A Secure Layer of Protection

It’s a bright idea for browsing online through your home network, but this is flawless for public Wi-Fi. The internet offered at a hotel, store, airport, cafe, mall, or bus/train system is free to use, and sadly, not everyone has the best intentions when using the service. Those people are searching for the right time to hack into your tablet, phone, or computer to snag information.

A VPN is a secure layer of protection that stops these intruders from stealing your information, no matter how many mistakes you make. These people will see your connection, but they won’t access anything you do on public Wi-Fi. Shop, bank, call via VOIP, attend webinars and virtual meetings, and read/research in peace. The encryption is a military and bank-approved AES 256-bit encryption. It is a hard encryption for hackers to decode, so when you turn on your VPN service, your sensitive information is safe and secure.

Access Foreign Content

Some countries restrict or block video viewing from any visitor with an IP address outside the country. For example, Canada’s CBC and the UK’s BBC will block IP addresses from the USA. The same holds for streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon’s location/regional-based content. A VPN hides your device’s IP from foreign companies who want that information. In exchange, the VPN lets you choose a local IP address the foreign country will accept so you can view the blocked content.

It doesn’t always have to be entertainment videos. A VPN allows access to music, sports, corporate videos, podcasts, news and entertainment websites, and foreign online stores.

Bypass Censorship

Countries like China restrict internet access to block the masses in that country from talking to people outside the country. The restrictions lean toward censorship, with the government taking control of online activity. Going around censorship will get many users in trouble in these areas. A VPN lets you choose a local IP address so both parties can communicate with each other without upsetting government rules.

A person or business can reach someone in the country to exchange news information, discuss business, and chat with family members. The reverse is true; a person or company in the country can communicate with someone on the outside. In both scenarios, the VPN software encrypts your every move with security and privacy.


Businesses and individuals benefit from VPN software. You can browse the internet without restrictions and censorship stopping you or unwanted establishments from documenting your online activity. The world is your oyster with a VPN.


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