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Why Your Business Should Support More Charities

By | Sierra Powell

Your business has a better opportunity than ever before to begin supporting charities, whether that be through donations, volunteering, or other ways. It can increase the happiness and the joy that is experienced at your business, and working with charities can bring you joy personally as the business owner as you feel you are doing good for the world. Obviously, the charity receives many benefits from the donations that your business can give, but your business will also receive many benefits from helping a charity. Continue reading more to learn more about the benefits that you will receive from your donations.

Top Employees

Employees who are looking for a job want to work for a business that has a goal of supporting their community or of supporting charities. Employees will also refer other people to your business who are similar to them and may become top employees at your business as well after working for someone who is charitable. Your employees will feel pride in themselves and in the company, which may lead to more productivity while at work as well. This will make your business more successful in the long run as you have trustworthy employees who want and find joy in putting in the work fr the business.

Business Publicity

Any donation that you make to a charity will most likely increase the publicity of your business, as your local news may cover the donation and the charity will share information on the donation. If your business utilizes vehicles and you donate them to reputable car donation charities like the National Kidney Foundation, for instance, you will most likely receive publicity for your dealership or whatever business you have. This will draw more customers or clients in so that your revenue only increases, and they will probably continue referring more customers to you and your services.

Tax Breaks

Any donation that your business makes to a reputable charity that qualifies under tax codes is eligible for a tax deduction when it is time to file your taxes. Every business owner knows the stress that comes during tax season and knows the high prices of taxes. If you make itemized deductions with the proof that you need of your donations, you can start saving on how many taxes you owe. You will receive coverage of up to 50% of your income by the standards that the IRS has set forth with these donations.

Networking Possibilities

There are so many networking possibilities that exist when you begin to work with charities in your community and in the country. If you set up an event in which you are donating your time to volunteer or running some type of fundraiser, for instance, encourage other businesses in your community to join in. You will raise awareness for the cause with these other businesses and will have the opportunity to begin a relationship with these other professionals. This can allow for future deals that you can make with these businesses and more publicity to come for customers.

Positive Reputations

If you donate to charity, you know by now that your customers, your community, and other businesses will know about it. This will increase the positive reputation that you have in your community so that these individuals feel good about your business and what it does. You can then use the fact that you helped charities in your marketing platform, as customers are more likely to purchase from a company that helps others. It is important that your values align with a customer’s values before they decide to make a purchase from your business.

Donating to a charity with your business can come in a variety of different forms including volunteer days, cash donations, fundraising for a charity, and more. If you want to get involved with a charity with your business, there are so many benefits that outset your donations. You can earn money back on your taxes, make new partnerships and encourage teamwork and team loyalty. Finally, you will find your revenue will increase and your reputation will increase throughout your community as customers learn more about what you do for the community that you all live in.

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