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Why Your Corporate Culture Matters

Source | LinkedIn : By Daniel Burrus

As I travel around the world working with executives from a wide range of businesses, I find it very interesting that some understand the value of, and take great pride in, their corporate cultures, while others don’t give them much thought. I have also noticed that those who value them the most tend to do far better over time.

Corporate culture has been the subject of many articles and books for years—and with good reason. Organizations of all sizes and activities are reexamining the advantages a strong culture provides and are coming to embrace the value of a culture that everyone within an organization understands and supports.

But, from the perspective of an Anticipatory Organization, culture can mean more than it might to other companies and groups with less of a future focus. And, in terms of surviving and thriving, that can make all the difference.

Corporate Culture—Yours and Yours Alone

Although specifics may vary, corporate culture generally refers to the pervasive values, beliefs and mindset that characterize a company and, further, help shape and drive its practices. To a certain degree, culture may be defined by, or overlap somewhat with, an organization’s mission or vision statement. Culture may also refer to things such as physical environment, dress code, employment practices and any number of other areas.

Despite the fact that corporate culture may be defined differently, its value and application are much more straightforward.That’s because your corporate culture is singular to your organization, and is yours alone. Products, services and processes can all be copied or mimicked from one organization to another; but the competitive advantage that is shaped by your culture , especially if it is characterized by a shared mindset,  cannot be replicated.

Boiled down, it’s really your organization’s DNA. And the ramifications are widespread, from your ability to recruit and retain talented employees, to how consumers see your products or services.

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