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Will ChatGPT Become Another Race to the Bottom in Marketing?

ChatGPT may be entering into a lasting category of functionality that marks its creation as a watershed moment


Since you’re reading this, I assume you’re among the hundreds of millions of people hungry to learn about ChatGPT. And no, that number is not an exaggeration; I just searched “ChatGPT” on Google and got 230,000,000,000 results. It’s not apples to apples, but the interest is there.

We’ve seen this many times before: an intriguing tech innovation that changes the game. ChatGPT and its ilk (, Phrasee, may be entering into a lasting category of functionality that marks this as a watershed moment.

Or there’s another scenario that should be familiar to anyone who’s ever hung up on a robocall or sent impersonal emails to spam: it could become a straight-up nuisance. Where things go from here isn’t about the technology; it’s about the humans engaging it. And here’s where things could go right — or wrong.

What is the ideal state for human/AI interaction?

AI (artificial intelligence) will almost never be great in a silo. Love or hate Peter Thiel’s politics, his position (which he shared in Zero to One) that technology and human expertise together will always be better than technology alone is one that I share.

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