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Will You Be An Effective People-Manager

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It is important to segregate performance and potential while deciding to promote someone. During the talent review ask yourself how many of your top performers are NOT in the high potential category. It is easy to recognize performance. Potential is harder to evaluate. Organizations are full of people who manage others and do a poor job of it. It is no wonder that we hear that people join organizations and leave their managers.

Managerial mettle is tested when someone has to give unwelcome feedback or news to their team member. I have come across so many managers who try to buy popularity with their team members by not giving them any feedback about the gaps in their skills. More commonly, when the employee asks the manager why they were not promoted, the poor managers will inevitably blame someone else for the result. “I had recommended your case for a higher increase or promotion. You should ask someone in Human Resources to explain to you why you were not given your due.” Sounds familiar? This is a sure sign of a lousy manager. They are happy to take the credit when there is good news to share with their team and hide behind rules and bureaucracy when things do not go right.

If you are leading a group of people in your organization, take a couple of minutes to ask yourself a few questions given below:

  1. After completing your own task, do you enjoy taking time to help someone else with their tasks so that they can learn to do it better?
  2. Do people find you to be an effective coach or mentor?
  3. Suppose you are working with some colleagues on a project, and everyone has done their share of work except your best friend. Would you be able to confront your friend and yet retain the friendship.
  4. The company has just rolled out a new sales incentive system that affects your division. Some of your colleagues find it to be too complex and think it’s a ploy by the company to deny people their due. Would you enjoy being able to dig deep to understand the incentive system and explain it to your colleagues?
  5. Are you able to see the big picture that connects the roles of your organization’s different teams, and understand how they fit with the company’s vision?

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