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Win the Blame Game By Not Playing It

Source | Linkedin | David Wiseman | Digital Brand Reputation Management • Online Branding Expert • Public Speaker • LinkedIn Writer with 1+ Million Views

That sinking feeling in your stomach. 

  • The one that comes when you send a sensitive email to Perry Lloyd instead of Lloyd Perry
  • The one that comes when the new marketing collateral has a horrible spelling mistake
  • The one that comes when the new product you championed hits the market and tanks
  • The one that comes when the website is relaunched and is full of errors
  • The one that comes with making a mistake

How does your company deal with mistakes?

Blame Game? Typically two reasons for this

  1. Someone is angry and wants to explode
  2. Someone wants to get out of the firing line courtesy of CYA by making it known that others are responsible.

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