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Wise Leaders Seek and Listen to These 3 Voices

Source | LinkedIn | Patrick Leddin, Ph.D.

The higher up you get in an organization, the harder it is to get authentic feedback.  My experience suggests that this is a very true statement and that the problem isn’t isolated to senior executives.  In fact, it appears when you take your very first leadership role. 

To mitigate this challenge, I suggest that you seek out, listen to, and learn from 3 key voices.  Truly listening to these voices requires a strong dose of humility, maturity, and openness; however, allowing them to exist creates both short and long-term benefits. 

No matter where you are in your career, the sooner you find these three voices, the better! The voices may come from one person, who is a trusted and capable advisor, or from multiple sources.  Either way – find, listen, and learn:

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