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Without Trust, Teams Rust: How To Prevent Relationship Corrosion In The Workplace

Source | | H.V. MacArthur

There are three areas where we can have trust or lack thereof. The first and most powerful is trust in ourselves. The second is whether we trust and feel safe in the workplace. And finally, the third is whether there is trust in the relationship with the other person.

The higher levels of trust in each of those areas, the stronger the ability to navigate conflict and focus on solutions vs. defensive maneuvers. So many people reference the need for trust but have a hard time establishing it in the first place or repairing trust when it’s been damaged.

Some tips that can help you navigate this tricky topic are listed below.

1.    Learn to trust your instincts and resourcefulness. Building trust with ourselves has a lot to do with positive self-talk, proper self-care and practicing the skill of self-reflection. But this is a journey of discovery. This requires us to step outside of our comfort zones, go boldly into the unknown and watch yourself tackle new situations. The more we do this the more we are less reliant on the external environment needing to be a certain way because we know we will rise to the occasion and figure things out. This is what leads to self-confidence, the byproduct of trusting ourselves.

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