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Woman Gains Freedom to Travel With Remote Job

By | Caitlin Lemon |

Mercedes B. had been working in a clinical job for over 30 years. Like many others living in rural areas, she had a long commute. She drove 60 miles across rural Texas to work every day. Mercedes was ready to ditch the commute with a job that lets her work from home while staying in the healthcare field. Here’s more of her story.

Starting Her Remote Job Search

Mercedes was on the hunt for a remote job, and she knew she wanted to stay in the healthcare field. She signed up for a FlexJobs membership, which provides access to scam-free remote job listings around the country and the world.

Once she signed up, she took full advantage of FlexJobs’ features. As a baby boomer, she was concerned about ageism, so she attended webinars on formatting your resume as an older job seeker. She began applying to roles and soon landed a position as a prevention and wellness coordinator with CVS Health.

Finding New Freedom With Remote Work

Not only does remote work save Mercedes time and money from a long commute, but it also allows her the freedom to travel. As someone who has ditched the office for good, she no longer has to take time off while traveling. “I can visit family or friends in other cities and still be able to work while I’m there.”

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